John Moore - Glaciology and Glacier-Climate Interventions

Research Professor Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
Leader University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Frozen Arctic Conservation




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   My professional activities are in Glaciology and Climate Research, including Solar Geoengineering and Glacier Climate Interventions.
I am at Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi Finland.Which has another take on my research

Main projects at present are in glacier-climate interventions, especially sea bed anchored curtains and targeted approaches for preserving the polar regions

Frozen Arctic Conservation

Earth System Modelling and Geoengineering

Sea level rise

Ice flow models

The main issue I try to address is:

Earth’s two large ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland will deteriorate under all scenarios of climate change projected for the future. This deterioration has already begun for both Antarctica and Greenland and is causing an ever-accelerating pace of sea-level rise that will persist into the coming centuries regardless of how optimistically humanity can shift away from carbon-based energy systems

The tools we use to answer these questions are

Earth System Models on super computers to simulate the response of the earth to changing climate

Mathematical modelling and analysis of the climate records and glacier evolution

You can read more about the results in my publications and in
the UArctic page on tipping point actions

We are actively developing finite element models of glacier flow using ELMER-ICE with CSC.

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