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Svalbard: Internet Explorer thumb nails

Photos from the 2002 campagn on Lomonosovfonna and from 2001 are available. 

Ramac radar 50 MHz antennas and with higher resolution 200 MHz antennas.  We also profiled numerous other smaller glaciers in the region such as Tuvbreen.  The radar was very good in general, though of course there were repairs that need doing as well - with always excellent help from the Poles, especially Piotr Glowacki, and always with time for a nice beer with our gallant leader. Some pictures by the Poles are here.

Antarctica: Internet Explorer thumb nails

Photos of the trips:
General view of scenery
Travelling with sledges and scooters
A blue ice area
Closer look at blue ice
Drilling in blue ice
The drill stuck in blue ice
Sucess in drilling
Ice from a crevass we drilled into
50MHz radar profiling
GPS surveying of ice flow stakes

Some pictures by Dan Zwartz:
An exciting moment for Anna on the ship, but a worrying one for me
Scootering between Aboa and Svea
Anna, Jari and me celebrate somthing or other

Cold Room and Ion Chromatography: Internet Explorer thumb nails

Kristiina Virkkunen, Jari Vehviläinen and Teija Kekonen have spent a lot of time working on processing ice samples for chemistry analysis.  Here is a few photos and descriptions of how they spend their fun hours.

FINNARP glacier training course, Okstinden, Norway : Internet Explorer thumb nails
Jari Vehviläinen (my chemistry PhD student) and Mika Kalakoski (field logistics) getting up close and personal to the glacier. Just the attitude I like to ice.
Kai Rasmus (studying snow physics) abseiling down a moulin in the glacier - this was a nice glacier to get inside access.
A picture of me after emerging from the cave - bloody caving!

Miscellaneous Photographs: Internet Explorer thumb nails

Hispar Glacier, Karakorum Mountains, Pakistan
An old picture from Antarctica in 1986
Two from Svalbard showing the radar before and after a bit of an accident on Lovenbreen in Svalbard
View of Finse station near to Hardangerjökulen, Norway, where we did some radar stuff for a recent paper
Drilling a shallow core on Kongsvegen, Svalbard
Stephan Gruber on his 26 day solo walk down Lapland from Kilpisjarvi to Kvikkjokk,  Sweden
One of the nice frozen water falls in early winter in Korouma, 100 km east of Rovaniemi (I've got none of the climbing photos here).
A thin section of sea ice from the Baltic Sea taken with cross-polarizing filters to show each crystal (snow ice are round crystals, sea ice are eleongated)
The radar in operation (actually not exactly working at this point!) on Storglacieren, Tarfala Valley, Sweden
An advert for a course we are running in Finland, featuring Storgläcieren (again).
View of Kebnekaise South Top in August 1996
Myself and Pekka Maijala setting up the radar in Switzerland in front of the Matterhorn (its a hard life glaciology!)